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Czechia fl Austria Spain

Our canoeing (and biking) trips


Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of the Czech Republic, where the gentle currents of its rivers guide you through a landscape steeped in natural beauty and historical grandeur. As you paddle along, each stroke takes you past breathtaking castles that stand as sentinels of history, nestled amidst the verdant embrace of nature.
The riverside is dotted with charming villages, each a picturesque postcard come to life, inviting you to pause and immerse yourself in their tranquil rhythm. And for the weary traveler, the Czech rivers offer a unique respite: delightful beer stops and cozy riverside restaurants, crafted with the paddler in mind, where you can savor the local flavors and the famed Czech beer.
But the adventure doesn't end at the water's edge. For those who wish to delve deeper into the Czech countryside, bicycles await to carry you back through the scenic routes. Pedal over rolling hills and explore the panoramic vistas that unfold before you, offering a different perspective of this enchanting land.
Your Czech guides, custodians of local lore and tradition, will not only ensure your safety on water and land but also share tales of the Czech way of life. Their insights will enrich your journey, weaving the cultural tapestry of the Czech people into your experience.
Join us for this unforgettable canoeing expedition, where every moment is a discovery, and every discovery is a treasure. Secure your paddle, fasten your life jacket, and prepare for an odyssey that will echo in your memories for years to come.

What's included?

  • Canoes
  • Bikes (if it is a bike & canoe trip)
  • 9 overnight stays
  • Hearty breakfasts and gourmet regional dinners
  • Transfers
  • Guide(s)
  • Arrival and departure transfers
We also do some canoeing in France and Germany!

Next canoeing trip: June 2025

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