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Czechia fl Austria Spain

Hiking Trips

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Hiking in Southern France

October 2024

This trip will take us first to the Cathar Land and its wonderfull cities likw Carcassonne and its gorgeus Castles. Then we will see the wild coast close to the Spanish border, followed by white beaches and horses in La Camargue. Passing a Roman Amphitheatre, our last stop will be then a NP with its picturesque hill-villages surrounded by the typical Lawendel colors of the Provence and wild-romantic gorges.

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Hiking in the Dolomites and Austria

June & September '24

Where dramatic rock cliffs and majestic peaks meet enchanting, picturesque villages - the Dolomites is a region of contrasts. The local Ladin population have clung to their proud agricultural and craft heritage despite the pressures of modern life. During World War I, the Dolomites were the theater of fierce battles between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies, and the scars are still visible.

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Hiking in Northern Spain

Fall 2024

Imagine breathtaking views of mountains falling into the ocean. Go eagle-watching on some of the range's highest peaks, and enjoy a glass of wine on a sandy beach a couple of hours later. The mountains of Northern Spain offer a unique range of natural, cultural and gastronomic experiences. From the Altamira caves and their amazing Upper Paleolithic paintings to the pilgrimage city of Santiago de Compostela, Northern Spain is one of the best kept secrets in Western Europe.

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Hiking in the Austrian Lake District and Bohemia

From Salzburg to Prague
12 days June 2024

This trip is all about lakes and mountains, it will take you through time from The Sound of Music and the Emperors of the Austrian Monarchy to Celtic people from the Iron Age. The Salzkammergut (The Austrian Lake District) will enchant you with its natural and cultural gems. Cesky Krumlov „The Jewel of Bohemia“ offers a cute medieval old town surrounded by a farytale-like river and high castle.

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Hiking in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

12 days | End of August 2024

Our village is situated at the very end of a valley just below the timer line at 5000ft above sea level. With its 32 inhabitants, even less cars and our picturesque hotel it is one of the best places all over for relaxing. Most of the hikes we will start directly from our hotel as it is only about 600ft below the timber line. Our hotel will be a real Alpenhotel: the original building is over 100 years old and was the first one there in 1908. Your rooms are of course up to date and you will have a excellent dinners and a sauna at your disposal.

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Hiking Trip to Slovenia and the Austrian Lake District

On the footsteps of real 'Trapper-family'

June 2024

One day we will follow the track of "THE SOUND OF MUSIC": Most of you will remember that story: A family (parents with their two sons and their daughter) fled from Czechoslovakia to Austria in 1982. They fled through Slovenia (by that time it was a part of Yugoslavia). It was winter, there was loads of snow and us three kids did not like it at all. On the Austrian side then, their father had to use a rope to get is family of the mountain. I will take you there and we will follow exactly the same way we took in 1982 across that border...

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