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This is the place where it all began for Wandermeister.
In fact, David knows it like the back of his hand, particularly the Malbun area, a hiking paradise
with breathtaking views and the princedom’s only ski resort—only a stone’s throw from the capital Vaduz.
After several summers and winters spent there, David prides himself in knowing every single person living in
Malbun—yes, all 32 of them.


Austria - Tyrol

With its extremely panoramic and dramatic mountain peaks, few other regions in the world
can compete with the Land in the Mountains.
10,000 miles of well-maintained hiking trails give access to rolling uplands
and high alpine regions, to its glaciers and other natural and cultural germs.
Tirol’s mountains offer hiking opportunities for everyone, from beginners to hard-core hiking enthusiasts.
We'll have some challenges, but instead of going as far as an 'hard-core hiking enthusiast'
we'll take advantage of thousands of cable cars Tyrol has to offer.

Hiking in Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland


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